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GameControl is the most comprehensive tool available to manage and control your UT2004 gaming experience - once described as a "Swiss Army Knife" in a post by BeyondUnreal. GameControl won second place in the Atari/Epic Make Something Unreal contest for UT2003.

My original purpose for creating GameControl was to help myself become a better UT2004 player. Early on, after becoming a member of Carpe Imperium, I was overwhelmed trying to keep up with all the details to simply take part in a match. I now use GameControl exclusively to keep the techy stuff from eating into my playtime. I know this tool can provide great benefit to new players as well as weathered gamers and hopefully be accepted as the UT2004 control system of choice.
A great deal of time and care went into making this program. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have enjoyed bringing it to you. I should also note that many of my friends assisted in this project - they are mentioned in the Special Thanks section of the Release Notes. This is an ongoing project, so there are many more features to come :)

Feel free to contact me with any ideas, criticism or comments.

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GameControl Features:

  • Management of multiple profiles so you can create groupings of specialized commands and settings, then quickly switch between different play modes such as Defense, Mid, Offense or for map specific binds, settings, etc.
  • Launch UT2004 directly from GameControl either in stand-alone mode or by selecting one of your Favorites from the Favorites List you can launch directly into the game server of your choice. The Favorites List also provides you with current server info, game stats and player info for the selected server.
  • A Skinned interface and an extended menu system helps to make GameControl very intuitive and easy to find what you need quickly.
  • Detection of external changes to the INI files allows you to modify your settings during the game, then roll them back into your other profiles after the fact. This unique and innovative tool also protects you from losing valuable updates from new UMOD's and other game patches.
  • Access to all critical game settings such as Player, Video, HUD, Game, Details, Key Binds, Aliases, Network Filter, Favorites.
  • Edit many special game settings that are either not available or do not work properly through the UT2004 in-game control panel.
  • Map/Mod/File Installer - Takes all the guesswork out of installing stuff for UT2004. It provides a listing of all your favorite downloaded (ZIP) map packs. Just click to install one or more simultaneously. Or you drag any type of game file (mod's, maps, skin packs, etc.), ZIP'ed map pack, UMOD or UZ2 onto the panel to install - It couldn't be easier.
  • Smart Map Cache Converter so you can access and play those cool maps that were downloaded during Internet play. It will actually read through the object list embedded in the Map file header to see if any companion cache files need to be converted with a selected map. This makes the process safe and simple and avoids version conflicts during Internet play. It allows selection of any map individually or in any combination to be converted or deleted as desired.
  • Launch game demo's directly from GameControl - 'nuf said.
  • One thing that sets this app apart from the rest is its ability to directly tap into the UT2004 INT, UAX and UTX files to provide the real information, sounds and graphics from the actual game files. View your player skin or export audio and textures directly from the UT files.
  • A built in INI Editor For those more tech savvy players, which provides ease of navigation and modification of settings throughout the game INI's.
  • Extensive Command List provides quick access to game commands to be used in key binding and aliasing. By selecting a specific key in the Key Binds list simply clicking a command in the Command List window, the command is automatically pasted into the selected key. Many special undocumented commands are included with syntax so you can use what the pro's use.
  • A Windows Process Killer panel is provided so you can select the Windows processes you want to stop prior to launching UT2004. This is necessary if you want UT2004 to take advantage of as many CPU cycles as possible. This list is saved and reused each time UT2004 is launched. MUAHAHahahaha >:)
  • The application provides a handy SysTray icon with a menu listing all profiles and favorite servers. You can literally select your profile and launch UT2004 directly into your favorite server right from the SysTray. You can also launch into a server as a spectator if needed.
  • Launch Voice Comm - GameControl checks your system for the presence of three popular voice comm programs so you can launch them directly from the toolbar before jumping into a game.
  • Easy program updates are performed from inside the program - just click Check for Updates under Tools/Options and the rest is automatic.

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Contact Information:
Your feedback is critical for this application to be successful.
Feel free to contact me with any ideas, criticism or comments. You can also find me and post comments in #slag on

If you still play UT2003:
Download GameControl v1.9 for UT2003